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"Godfather" William is a character from Chousenshi Densetsu. The leader of the Tacoma, Washington branch of Yakuza, he is strangely referred to as "Godfather" both within and outside the organization, instead of the traditional title of "oyabun". William is often seen wearing a mostly white uniform slightly modeled after common rōnin clothing, and wields a pair of customized swords of unknown make.

William's past is virtually unknown, save for the fact that he and Dino Bailey have crossed paths on at least one occasion. The meeting was likely a battle, in which William's left eye was severely scarred, and Dino's right arm was lost.

William happens to invade Dino's Juice Bar an unspecified time later with his gang, holding an elderly patron of the facility at swordpoint. Dino recognizes William, but it takes a moment for the barkeep's identity to dawn on the crimelord. Three of Dino's frequent customers and closest friends, known widely as The S, C-Dogg, and Ace, assist Dino in confronting William. The henchmen are soundly defeated, but William is able to beat Dino, The S, and Ace. C-Dogg composes a sneak attack on the gangster, and uses his collapsable staff to smash William into a wall. In desperation, Dino retrieves a handgun from a drawer and shoots William dead.


First Appearance: Chousenshi Densetsu Battle One: Revelation
Birthplace: Tacoma, Washington
Occupation: Yakuza Leader