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The S is a character in the Chōsenshi Densetsu comics and video games. He is a fictional version of Steven Hunt, the writer of the Chōsenshi Densetsu stories.


A pacifist at heart, he has nevertheless taken to the streets for years as a vigilante in an attempt to clean up the city of crime. He does this by finding crimes in progress, then attempting a citizen's arrest. If the criminal resists in any way, he then subdues them by fighting. Recently, he was able to channel his chi into a visible, devastating blast known as the Hibado.

Over a decade ago, two volunteer Spanish language instructors came into his classroom and told him he was the resurrected form of the ancient god from their lost religion of Noga. Although he initially disbelieved them, he has eventually come to terms with the fact that he may indeed by the avatar of the great Du Sig. Amongst the evidence is his scattered flashbacks of another life, as well as innately knowing the self-defense style of the people, which was developed by Du Sig himself.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Noga: The martial art of ancient Forbaku, somehow hidden within him until it was "unlocked" during training. He is the only known living master of this art.
    • Chi/Hi manipulation: After unlocking Noga, he was able to create visible chi (or hi as it is called in Noga). His usage of this is still rudementary.
  • Bujinkan Ninjutsu: The ninja martial art taught to him by his Sensei. He is still a novice, and after learning Noga, this became a secondary art to him.
  • Magic immunity: The S is completely immune to all traditional magics. This also qualifies as a weakness, as beneficial spells have no effect on him, either.


  • Low pain tolerance
  • Violence hesitance
  • Magic immunity (see above)

Weapons and equipment[]

  • Shikomizue: A traditional cane sword, although this one's handle breaks down into both a sword and a dagger.
  • Jacket: An olive green army jacket which was initially worn out of convenience, but has since become synomonous with him.

Bujinkan lineage
Masaaki Hatsumi - Sensei's father - Sensei - The S