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Spaced out 2

Spaced Out!! II (previously known as Spaced Out!! Evolved during production) is a shoot-'em-up game and the sequel to Spaced Out!!.

Unlike its predecessor, it is not a single-screen shooter, and is instead a level-based vertical-scroller. Bosses and cutscenes break up the normal pace of the levels, and elaborate on the events.


Samuel "Slim" Wexler, hero of the war against the previous alien invasion, unfortunately had his Slim Shooter damaged in the battle and was injured. Although his medical costs were covered, he was out of work for long enough where he had to part out his ship for scrap to keep financially afloat. Fortunately, due to some strings his step-sister Amy pulled at the New Zealand Space Agency, he has been recruited to take part in the battle against the second wave of invaders.


  • Programming - Steven W. Hunt
    • Code assistance - Ariel Santana
  • Character design - Steven W. Hunt
    • Additional character design details by Andrea Demetrio
  • Sprites - Steven W. Hunt
  • Music - TBA

Voice cast[]

  • Slim Wexler - TBA
  • Bit Bitterman - Steven W. Hunt
  • Amy Wexler - TBA
  • Narrator/System voice - Eden Sharp