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Sorts (ソート, Sōto) are the rank and file soldiers of the Baliman Empire and primarily are enemies of Justiceman.


It is unknown what exactly the Sort are and how they came to be. It is theorized that Baliman makes them himself.

Most Sort have typical feminine physiques, with breasts, slim waists, and wide hips. More masculine-appearing Sort exist but are rare, as are pudgy Sorts. Since Sort culture is unknown to essentially all species, it is unknown if they even have a gender, or have any concept of it.

Sort only "speak" in loud exclamations such as "khii!" They seem to have no sense of communication outside of body language, which is uninterpretable to humans.

The Sort's body consists of pure black covering its entirety but the head. It is unknown if this is skin or a covering such as a suit, but it has been said to feel rubbery to the touch. Its head is either completely red and featureless except for eyes, or this is a helmet.

As they seem to have no mouth or nasal cavities, it is unknown if they eat, drink, or breathe. They have been known to take a liking to black tea (specifically, Earl Grey), but they only pretend to drink it.

Few Sort have been captured for study, and all tests have proven inconclusive. An x-ray of their bodies, for example, make them appear to be made out of one solid lump of something, with no bones or innards to speak of. Also, although they are capable of feeling pain, they cannot be injured, and thus tissue samples are impossible to obtain by any known method.


  • Justiceman