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So You Want to Be a Samurai title

So You Want To Be a Samurai? is a one-shot comic appearing in the first issue of Dōjin Nation. It serves as an introduction to the video game of the same name.




In 1992, the Emperor of Japan called for a return of samurai to the Japanese military. Dubbed Shinsamurai, only the most elite warriors of the country are given this rank.

Akira Yamahachi and his wife, Aliceshia, are both Shinsamurai, both of which trained under the martial arts master Hitoto Hanzō. Their teenaged son, Shisho is currently training under Hitoto to also become a Shinsamurai.

One day whilst training, a shadowy figure interrupts Shisho's section. He kills Hitoto in combat, and, in a rage, Shisho grabs a wakizashi. The Murderer sends Brash, a large blonde man, after Shisho while he makes his escape. Fueled by anger, Shisho kills Brash. He takes the jewel around his slain sensei's neck and sets out to avenge his master's death.

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