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The Shutō Fūfūken (Japanese for 'knife-hand whirlwind fist') is a fighting technique used by Trina Baylock. It is unknown who the techinique's originator is.

The Shutō Fūfūken is performed by stretching the arms out at the sides and spinning the body rapidly, similar to a spinning lariat move.

This technique was taught by Trina to The S, who later upgraded it to the Shinobi Spin. Trina also has a variant she uses that she calls a "Shoot-o Fūfūken", where she fires with dual pistols while spinning.

First Appearance: Chōsenshi Densetsu: Assault from the Sea
Users: Trina Baylock, The S
Derived Techniques: Shinobi Spin, Shoot-o Fūfūken