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Shishō Yamahachi is the protagonist of the So You Want To Be a Samurai? game and comic. He is the son of Akira and Aliceshia Yamahachi, who are both members of a Japanese military rank known as Shinsamurai. Shishō himself is training to be a Shinsamurai under Akira and Aliceshia's master, Hitoto Hanzō.

The story begins with a teenaged Shishō in a sparring match with Hitoto. A shadowy villain killed Hitoto, and left his henchman Brash to contend with an enraged Shishō. Shishō killed Brash - his first actual fight as well as his first kill - and vowed to avenge Hitoto's death, taking his master's crystal necklace.

Years later, an older, grizzled Shishō appears in New York City, searching for clues leading to Hitoto's murderer.

First Appearance: So You Want To Be a Samurai? (comic)
Known Relatives: Akira Yamahachi (father), Aliceshia Yamahachi (mother)
Fighting Style: Hanzōdo