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Shady is the stage name of Raqivou Rilla, the mascot of CC & SH and an anthropomorphic simian. Many details about Shady have changed over the years, but the basics remain consistent.


Shady was created by Carson Curley and Steven W. Hunt in 1993. He was described by the pair as a mutated gorilla who was also a rap superstar. Shady was designed to be a mascot for their (unpublished) book series, Sights & Frights and Spook Ave. - based on R.L. Stine's Goosebumps and Fear Street series, respectively. No real back-story was given for Shady, other than the fact that he loved beef jerky. "Songs" rapped by Shady included Lightning in the Sky and Cab Ride.

Modern Shady[]

Shady's modern appearance is primarily seen in Hunt's online comic Dōjin Nation. Shady appears in the comic strip Shady Comix, which is drawn as if Shady himself were the artist. In the strips, Shady lives with his girlfriend, Chiquita, who is from a sheltered island nation and does not know much about the modern world. Shady is confirmed to have once been human, although the catalyst to his transformation to an ape has not been clarified.


Raqivou Rilla was born in Miami, Florida to Armynel Rilla, a former French soldier, and Randall Rilla, a Jamaican world history professor. When he was three, the family moved to Tacoma, Washington when Randall accepted a teaching position at Tacoma Central College.

Raqivou was born with autism, and although his family were well-off, especially after moving to Tacoma, he struggled at school with being an autistic black boy. Nevertheless, he was determined and made friends to the best of his ability. He began wearing sunglasses at the age of 8, at first because light bothered him, but once he no longer was afflicted by this, they'd become synonymous with him, earning him the nickname of "Shady".

At an early age, he became enamored with the lyrical flow and beats of rap, as well as comedy music such as that of Weird Al Yankovic. Since he didn't have any experience most of with the subjects rappers touched in their works, he yearned to combine the two. In his late teens, he struggled to make a career as a rapper who just made "funny rhymes and lyrics" (in his words), but finally found fame with "Beef Jerky" at the age of 20. Since a lot of his music deals with toilet humor, he is insanely popular with children.

At 23, Shady was kidnapped and experimented upon, transforming him into a mutant gorilla. Although he began experienced a lot of prejudice of being an anthropomorphic animal, he retains a healthy music career.


Shady game series[]

The Shady series is a collective of many games in which Shady is the star. A subseries of this is Shady's Poopong.

Other prominent appearances[]

Shady is unlockable for play in the following games from CC & SH:


Shady is a playable character in the following games outside of CC & SH products:


Being the mascot of CC & SH, Shady makes cameo appearances in many of their works, as well as in works designed by others.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Mutant gorilla physiology: Shady enjoys the perks of being part human, part gorilla.
  • Karate: Shady learned basic karate from a bodyguard of his early in his career.
  • Swordsmanship: Shady is proficient in wielding swords and owns a large saber.
  • Powerful flatulence: Shady's farts are incredibly dangerous to the health of others. He also can propel himself with them.
  • Leadership: Shady is an adept planner.
  • Rapping: As a human, Shady managed to become a rap superstar despite his challenges. As a mutant, he retained and may have even increased his fanbase.

Special moves[]

  • Shady Kick: Shady slides forward with his leg outstretched. In some media, he is propelled forward with a fart.
  • Terrible Toot: A powerful, potent fart shot toward his enemies.
  • Lightning in the Sky: Shady flexes a bicep and a lightning bolt hits an enemy.


  • Sunglasses: Shady's trademark item, from which he obviously derived his trade name from.
  • Sandals: Post-mutation, Shady has taken to wearing sandals until he gets used to being barefoot entirely.
  • Cut-off shorts: Post-mutation, Shady often wears a ripped-up pair of lime green pants fashioned into shorts, with his trademark laugh ("A he he!") across the front.
  • Saber: A large, flat sword.


  • Autism: Shady registers on the autism scale, which often hinders some basic abilities, but not to the degree that it is overall detrimental.
  • Energy retention: Due to Shady's massive spike in growth post-mutation, he struggles to balance how much energy he needs to get through the day.



  • Shady's birth name, Raqivou, comes from Hunt mishearing the name French name Rieupeyroux. Instead of correcting it, it just stuck, despite it not being a real name.