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Randall Samuel Rilla is a retired university history teacher. He is the husband of Armynel Rilla and father of Raqivou.

Randall's paternal great-grandfather came to Jamaica from Germany. The rest of his ancestors have been from Jamaica as far back as the 1600s. Randall was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and graduated from Kingston University in 1976. Later that year, he began teaching world history at the same university for four years, until he decided to take a year off. After visiting his great-grandfather's homeland, he traveled to France where he met and fell in love with Armynel Jocasta. Instead of returning to Jamaica, he settled down and married Armynel in late 1981.

Armynel was recruited for a multinational liberation operation codenamed "Evil Croatia" in 1982. She lost a hand in the conflict and was discharged from the French army. Randall had some cousins who had moved to Miami, Florida, so they moved in with them. It was here that Armynel gave birth to their son, Raqivou.

Randall worked as a grocery store clerk until 1985, when he was offered a job at Tacoma Central College in Tacoma, Washington. The Rilla family moved to Tacoma and Randall taught world history at Tacoma Central until his retirement in 1992. Armynel became employed at the veteran's assistance office at Fort Lewis.