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The Panze are a small tribe situated in the Mashonaland West Province district of Zimbabwe. They operate on a tribal structure, with their populace having a chieftain for a leader and living in local equivelents of huts, shacks, and cabins. The Panze are not anti-modernity, however, and have integrated technology and many other modern concepts into their society. For this reason, they have gained a popular label of "semi-tribal" but are more accurately a chiefdom.

The current chief is Regan Mutara. His second-eldest daughter, Aliceshia, currently lives in Japan, married to Akira Yamahachi.


The ancestors of the Panze were not thought to be native to the region of Zimbabwe, and instead, may have migrated from modern-day Rwanda. The first chieftain of a group of people using the Panze name was Uwayo. Over time the group integrated other cultural immigrants from other African tribes and nations, whether by marriage or simply joining the group. The tribe remains relatively small in the modern era, with approximately 50-60 members.

The official languages of the Panze are English and Chikunda.