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Non-Human Entity (shortened to "NHE") is a legal term used within most English-speaking locales to refer to any citizen of the country that isn't human. This includes aliens, mutants, anthropomorphs, and the undead. It is only applicable to those capable of sentience by the measure devised by the governments of those locales.

"Neehee" is a derogatory term derived from NHE that is considered racist and exclusionary. In New Zealand, the term used there for NHEs is "Extra Citizen", also called ECs, Extras, or Extries. These terms are adapted colloquially in Australia and some parts of England, but are not legal terms.

Many who were human prior to a change (mutants, undead, and some anthropomorphs) take offense to being classified as NHEs, as they still consider themselves human. Furthermore, any non-humans who outwardly appear human are not classified as NHEs; this lead to the goddess Artemis campaigning to be classified as one following her stint in Guardian Collective, as the US government also refused to recognize her as a Greek expat. She returned to Mount Olympus following her failure to change the law.


The Maroma landed in various locales on Earth in the 1960s, but faced animosity from essentially all Earth governments. This worked to their favor, as they had come seeking battle. Although the landing parties returned to Stabu, those who heard of the humans' warmongering were interested enough to immigrate. Maroma were not awarded legal citizenship, however, until the Non-Human Citizens Act and other laws passed in the 1970s on (see below)


Campbellians had been discussed in African oral tradition for hundreds of years, but did not make contact on the whole with humans until the early 1900s. By the mid 50s, they were beginning to integrate with human societies, but it wasn't until the 70s when England began a trade agreement with them, that they were given a legal status. This was the origin of the term Non-Human Entity, as part of the Non-Human Citizens Act. Similar acts were integrated a few years later by other countries; the last English-speaking country to do so was the United States in 1989.

Mad Helmet's experiments/Snow War victims[]

In 1981, Mad Helmet ripped a hole in space/time with the magical artifact known as the Burnstone, which unleashed countless unknown creatures on the populace of Canada and the United States. Fascinated by these creatures, he began experimenting on them, and spliced some of their DNA with Canadian citizens or prisoners of what had become known as the "Snow War" - the offensive to take Mad Helmet out. Most of these resulting mutations retained their human minds, mostly in whole. At the conclusion of the Snow War, the survivors were granted citizenship in Canada under their local NHCA, but it took until the US' final ratification in 1989 for them to have the same benefit in the States.