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Noga is an ancient religion and fighting art practiced by the people of the now-lost island of Forbaku. Its chief deity and creator was Du Sig, who took over control of the island following its king's death.


Zagaods are often translated as deities, but are more equivalent to the Buddhas and Christs of other religions; they are sacred mortals or demi-mortals who have become revered by the people.

Prior to Du Sig, the closest thing to a Zagaod that Forbaku claimed, was Reep na Zagaod, known as the Harvester of the Gods in some translations. The Reep na Zagaod was a mysterious, cloaked figure that ran the afterlife as well as the patron for harvests. Reep na Zagaod is also said to be the ancestor of all Forbakians. Details of this figure may have trickled into the modern anthropomorphization of Death, or vice versa.

Du Sig, an orphan raised by the legendary Kride du Gran, ascended his master in many ways and was seen as a Zagaod by the people of Forbaku. He began to formulate a fighting style, which also had its own life guidelines. This became known as Noga.

Following the murder of King Coulagemo, Du Sig resurrected him as a half-man, half-lion, as well as a band of anthropomorphic beings known as the Trules. Coulagemo left to lead the Trules and left the rule of the island to Du Sig and his wife Minava, who was Coulagemo's daughter.

Du Sig and Minava were later killed by Coulagemo's murderer, and rule of the island was given to Du Sig's spiritual brother, Kurily.


The veracity of Noga in the real world is disputed by historians and archeologists. It's not well-known, which muddles the argument. General conscientious is that it is fictional, but like all legends, it has its proponents.

The religion of Noga shares many common threads with other religions. This is typical of religions and mythologies, but is unknown whether these aspects were integrated into Noga, or if they were borrowed from Noga into these other religions.

Although Forbaku is claimed to be near Greece, the fighting style of Noga is said to be very Asian-oriented, and very much resembles a hard version of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi). Noga also has various weapon involvement, including broadswords and staffs. Although not exclusive to the Nogan fighting style, it does involve use of "hi", an inner energy (similar to qi/ki). Du Sig's signature ability is the use of the Hibado, a blast from the hands channeled from hi.

Chousenshi Densetsu[]

The S, as a youth, was told by guest instructors that he was a reincarnation of Du Sig. He disbelieved this claim at first, but eventually, after much research, he realized that he was able to innately perform maneuvers in the Nogan fighting style, forcing him to take a second look at the claim.