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Minava was the princess, and later queen, of the island of Forbaku.


A budding sorceress under the tutelage of her mother Alia, Minava learned many powerful defensive and offensive spells. She also was taught the art of combat by her father Coulagemo, which unbeknown to her, was actually the art of Noga.

One day, Minava was kidnapped by a stranger that stuck to the shadows. He chained her up in a cave, only to be rescued by Du Sig. Having monitored his actions and been a direct student of his in Noga, Coulagemo knew immediately who had rescued his daughter by her description of the savior with whom she had become smitten. Coulagemo at once arranged for the two to wed. Minava was against the marriage until she found her savior to be her betrothed.

At Minava and Du Sig's wedding, the kidnapper proved he was not done meddling with the royal family by killing Coulagemo. Following his resurrection at the hands of Du Sig, Coulagemo and Alia left to lead the nature spirits known as the Trule, leaving Forbaku in the hands of Du Sig and Minava.

Years would pass, and the new king and queen eventually started a family, having a son and daughter. During these years, however, Coulagemo's killer was amassing an army to storm the royal castle with. This battle became known as the Pantheon War. The killer himself struck down Minava, and then Du Sig.


Fighting Styles: Sorcery, Noga
Known Relatives: Coulagemo (father), Alia (mother), Mariem (adopted sister), Du Sig (husband)
Techniques: Hibado


  • Some English translations of the Noga Kard call her Minerva. The two names are completely different in etymology, with Minerva being Roman in origin and Minava being local Forbaku language for best of people".
Preceded by: Queen of Forbaku Succeeded by:
Unknown duration