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Maroma are a race of anthropomorphic horse-like beings from the planet Stabu. They are very fond of fighting and war, and even though they mean no malice in their attacks - they just find combat fun - it often leads to their detriment.

Hundreds of Maroma came to Earth to fight in the 1960s. When they were driven away, many of them were impressed with the humans' own zeal for war and stayed, with about 200 Maroma immigrating to Earth each year.

Like most anthropomorphs, they are a large target of xenophobia on Earth - more than most species, since they're not even from the planet.

Maroma do not have a gender identity or even a concept of genders in their culture. On Earth, they typically use male pronouns but refuse to identify with a gender (with many official forms including a "Maroma - does not apply" option), but some have come to identify with a gender and have conformed to it.