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Lê Phong is an American restauranteur and co-owner of Yung & Phong.

Phong was found on the streets of Trà Vinh as a young child. It is unknown where and when he was born, but he was generally assumed to be 6 years old when he was put into foster care. His name came from a metal plate that he carried with him, which simply read "Lê Phong". Lê has no idea of what his life was before he was a street child, and has no recollection of any family.

Lê lived in an orphanage until what was assumed to be the age of 18, when he aged out and got a job as an electronics repairman. He stayed in Vietnam for another 4 years, when he left for the US mainland after being outed.

In Tacoma, Washington, Lê was hired at Carl Murakami's Noodle Dojo restaurant, where he learned Japanese style cooking from Carl and other Asian cooking techniques from a co-worker, Bret Yung. When Murakami returned to his home country of Sweden, Bret and Lê bought the Noodle Dojo building and started Yung & Phong.


  • Food preparation: Although he had no cooking skills before he moved to the US mainland, Lê learned food preparation from his boss Carl and colleague Bret and became quite adept at it.
  • Maintenance: Lê worked as an electronic repairman for approximately 4 years, and continues to maintain the electronics at Yung & Phong.
  • Food service: Lê was initially hired at Noodle Dojo as a waiter. He still waits tables occasionally even after starting Yung & Phong.


  • His surname comes from the Phong siblings, Mai and Khai from the Battle High video game series.