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Junketsuko is a minor character in various games from CC & SH. Junketsuko literally translates to "Pure Child". She is an homage to Sadako Yamamura, the antagonist of Koji Suzuki's "Ring" novels.


Junketsuko was originally called Sada-Chan, and was created for the game Souls & Steels by Kennodo Games. Sada-chan was rejected as a character design, and later made her first appearance in Stone Smash as Junketsuko.

Junketsuko is voiced by Steven W. Hunt in Stone Smash and Beka Davis in 10 Cent Classics: Stone Smash + Bonus.


In the game Stone Smash, one level of the game, which in and of itself is a reference to The Ring, hitting a certain block will provide a brief image of Junketsuko, while a barely audible voice whispers "Seven days...."

Junketsuko also makes a cameo appearance in Chousenshi Densetsu: Dynastie Rising. There is a well in the first level, which, when clicked with the mouse, will briefly transform into a white ring of light on a black background. When it returns to its well form, Junketsuko's hand will be holding on to the edge of the well.

Junketsuko appears on one of the tiles in the CC & SH set in Tilearade.