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Jesus, or Yeshua, was a historical figure that is seen by some to be the son of God or an important prophet. He was said to be capable of miraculous feats such as healing others, and walking on water. Many different religions hold him of high regard, and he is given the title of Christ (the anointed one), or in Buddhism, is seen as a bodhisattva (enlightened spirit or being).

Jesus was killed via crucifixion, and according to most Christian tellings, rose from the dead three days later. In some stories, he is said to have fought through Hell whilst dead to save the righteous that died prior to him.

CC & SH[]

Jesus appears on a crucifix as the fifth bonus item of Chomperman (2006 game). He also makes a cameo appearance on a tile in the "Myths and Religions" set of Tilearade.

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