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Forbaku is reportedly a "lost island" off of the coast of Greece, similar to legends such as Atlantis and Mu. Alternate names include Forbacks and less commonly, Phorbulaxx.


Reports put the story of Du Sig alone at 10,000 years prior to the modern age, as the but this may be an embellishment, as the setting culture seems to be a mash-up of different cultures from post-prehistoric age (or they are based on it in part) including early-to-mid Ancient Greece and other Mediterranean areas. History before Du Sig is known but scarce, and included such heroes as Shere and Kride du Gran. These stories are collected in a tome known as the Noga Kard.


The centerpiece of the island is three mountains, with the largest one in the center containing a waterfall which pours from a cave. Outside of the lake that the waterfall pours into, there are three additional large lakes - two behind the mountains, and one in the far southwest portion of the island.


Forbaku had been under the control of many leaders, but none are indicated by name before Coulagemo.

Chōsenshi Densetsu[]

The legend of Noga, as told by The S to Artue, takes place here.

Notes and trivia[]

  • The rare alternative name "Phorbulaxx" has only been found in one English translation of the Noga Kard, which also had other very suspicious name translations and changes and may have been, based on other tweaks, attempting to point to the residents as having a far-off extraterrestrial origin.