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Coulagemo was a king of Forbaku. He ruled alongside his queen, Alia. Coulagemo had two daughters: Minava and Mariem.

Coulagemo had heard of a new legendary hero in the making, Du Sig. He sought out Du Sig, who had just created a new philosophy called Noga. Du Sig taught Coulagemo in the ways of Noga. Some time later, Minava was kidnapped, and Du Sig rescued her, even without knowing she was the princess. Coulagemo made the decision to arrange a marriage between Du Sig and Minava.

At the wedding, Coulagemo was killed by Minava's kidnapper. He was subsequently resurrected by Du Sig by fusing his soul with the body of a lion. Coulagemo, now part man and part lion, decided that as thanks for resurrecting him, he would give control over the island to Du Sig and Minava. Coulagemo then left to the forest to live with Alia and lead the Trules, a group of nature spirits created by Du Sig.


First Appearance:
Known Relatives: Alia (wife), Minava (daughter), Mariem (adopted daughter)
Fighting Style: Noga

Preceded by: King of Forbaku Succeeded by:
Unknown duration
Du Sig