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Chousenshi Densetsu Battle One: Revelation is the first installment of Chousenshi Densetsu.





The S is battling a mysterious opponent in his front yard. The opponent seems to be getting the best of the young lad, but he remembers something taught to him by his martial arts sensei. He charges his inner strength to create a blast known as the Hibado, which surprises the opponent. Unfortunately, the opponent simply leaps over the Hibado and grabs The S in a full nelson. After The S wrests free, the opponent draws a bokken and The S grabs his shikomizue. After a weapons clash that ends with The S being knocked backwards, The S gives up, and it is revealed that the opponent is none other than The S's sensei, Jerome Earl.

Following this, The S indicates that he has to meet a friend from out-of-state. Jerome leaves, and The S gets ready to head out. Upon entering Dino's Juice Bar, he encounters his friend C-Dogg, his brother Ace, and the establishment's proprietor, Dino Bailey.

Just as The S begins to order, William and his Yakuza enter the bar to hold it up. He threatens to kill a nearby old man if anyone moves. Dino recognizes William as the man who rid him of his arm many years ago; William claims his appearance in Dino's presence is merely coincedental.

The S, Ace, and C-Dogg decide to defend the Juice Bar against the Yakuza. Dino fights William but is defeated, as are The S and Ace. C-Dogg sneaks up on the Yakuza leader, however, and attacks him with his collapsible staff. C-Dogg bashes William up against a wall, and Dino withdraws a handgun from a drawer, firing it upon William and killing him.

Following the brawl with the Yakuza, The S is at home on his laptop, bandaged from the injuries. Talking with his online friend Artue, he tells her of his encounter. She then asks him to tell her of the story of Noga, and he prepares to expound.


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