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Chōsenshi Densetsu is a series of games and comics starring The S, an author character of Steven Hunt, C-Dogg, who is Carson Curley, and Ace, Steven's younger brother.

The series is based on a series of unrealized projects Hunt and Curley started back in the early '90's initially known as Ultra Warriors. As it does today, the series starred Hunt and Curley, and sometimes Louis as well.

The story follows the three men (although the focus is normally on The S), as well as occasionally a female member, as they try to set right the atrocities of the world. This may range from simply mitigating gang activity, to even saving the world from some colossal threat.

Principal Works[]

Video Games[]


Main Characters[]

  • The S: Ostensibly the protagonist of the series. He spends much of his free time fighting gang members and making citizen's arrests. He is likely an avatar of an ancient Nogan warrior-deity, Du Sig.
  • C-Dogg: The S's best friend since kindergarten. He moved out of state years ago, but returns on occasion. Often accompanies The S on vigilante missions.
  • Ace: The S's younger brother. He has some sort of affinity for electricity.
  • Amira: The protagonist of Dynastie Rising; she's a friend of The S's he met on the internet. She was kidnapped and uses astral projection to enlist his assistance.
  • The Don: The leader of the crime organization known as Dynastie.

Recurring Characters[]