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The Campbellian Throne is the monarchy of Campbell Island. The royals of Campbell Island come from a bloodline of immortal cat-person warriors. Each royal rules for thousands of years before retiring.

Succession is determined by a battle royale fighting tournament. Each of the previous monarch's children battle until one is last standing, and the winner becomes the next ruler.

The first known Campbellian monarch was Goatania, aka "Goat". She was succeeded by her daughter, Tinibald, aka "Tiny". Her daughter Gray Small became her successor, and to her, was her son and the first king of Campbell Island, Charles "Chewie" Small.

Goat and Tiny became wanderers of the world following their retirement; Gray stayed on Campbell Island after her retirement to serve as an advisor to King Chewie, and is affectionately called "Lady Gray" by the citizens.