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C-Dogg is a character in Chōsenshi Densetsu and a fictional version of Carson Curley.


The S's best friend since the two of them were in Kindergarten, "C-Dogg" has often acted as S's backup or partner in vigilante missions. He is an excellent street brawler, and picked up a bit of Nogan fighting from S. He also seems to have some affinity for using the earth as an advantage in his techniques. Although most of the time he acts as an imbecile, his intellect is at genius level. C-Dogg is a huge sports fan, having played basketball, football, baseball, and ran track throughout his schooling, as well as other sports. He currently works at a sports specialty store called "Sports Junkies".

Years ago, C-Dogg had moved to Montana with his family. He currently attends Montana State University. Although he lives so far away, he and S still keep in touch, and he occasionally comes back to visit.


First Appearance: Stone Smash
Techniques: Aggro Spike, C-Dogg Quake, Epicenter