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Bret Yung is an American restauranteur and co-owner of the Asian food restaurant Yung & Phong.

Bret was born in Anacortes, Washington. Both of his parents were adept at cooking, although neither were ever vocationally cooks. He learned from both of them and became better than both of them at it in his teens.

At the age of 18, he was hired by Carl Murakami as a cook at his restaurant, Noodle Dojo. After Murakami returned to Sweden five years later, Bret and another employee, Lê Phong, bought the Noodle Dojo building and started Yung & Phong, which quickly became the most popular Asian variety restaurant in Tacoma.


  • Food preparation: Bret is highly skilled at various types of food preparation, including cooking, on not only the food served at Yung & Phong, but essentially any kind of food he's tried to make.
  • Business sense: Bret handles the daily business operations at Yung & Phong.