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Armynel Rilla (née Armynel Jocasta) is a French-born former soldier. She is the wife of Randall Rilla and mother of Raqivou.

Armynel's ancestors immigrated to France from Greece in the early 1800s. She was born in Toulouse, France and joined the Armée de terre at the age of 18. In 1980, she met Randall Rilla, who had just taught history for four years at Kingston University. They married in late 1981.

In 1982, Armynel was chosen as France's combatant in Evil Croatia. There, she met two brothers, Richard and Wiseman Hunter, who spoke of their hometown of Tacoma, Washington. Armynel fought bravely but lost her left hand to gunfire and was subsequently discharged from the military.

Randall and Armynel moved to Miami, Florida to live with some of Randall's family until he could get a teaching job. In 1983, Armynel gave birth to their son, Raqivou. Randall worked in a grocery store until he was offered a job at Tacoma Central College in 1985. Remembering the Hunter brothers' stories, she urged him to take it. He did and the three of them moved to Tacoma. Armynel got a job at the veteran's assistance office at Fort Lewis.