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Ana María Ruiz Cortez is the main character of Shoothead.


Ana María was born and raised in the Castillogrande neighborhood of Cartenga, Colombia, the daughter of a stock trader and a teacher. Although average in most areas of study, she was mechanically inclined, and tinkered with inventions ever since she was capable of using the tools to do so.

When she was sixteen, a semi truck ran over Ana María's father in front of their house. Ana María was at school and didn't witness it, but her mother saw it all and went catatonic and never recovered. Ana María quit school and all inventing to take care of her mother.

Years later, a Bolivar crime boss who had completely ignored Castillogrande before, began to turn his sights on the neighborhood. His empire began worming its way through Castillogrande, exacerbated by the Cartenga police being either on