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Ace is a character in Chousenshi Densetsu and a fictional version of Louis Hunt.


The S's younger brother, who goes by "Ace" at times. A high school student with a strange personality; he can go from adoring cute things to a seething, raging ball of anger within a fraction of a second. This anger gets him into trouble a lot, but occasionally, it can be put to good use; when enraged, he is nearly unstoppable in battle. Unfortunately, his threshold for pain is even lower than his brother's, which is rather low itself.

Ace is currently learning Jūdō from the man who taught The S his fighting styles outside of Noga, Jerome Earl. Although Ace completely disbelieves his brother's alleged avatar status, he has unwittingly mixed some Nogan techniques into his Jūdō, making it all the more dangerous. With his weight and Judo knowledge, Ace can stand his ground easily and is almost immovable. Likely because of this, he is immune to lightning, and can seemingly summon it from the heavens.


  • First Appearance: Stone Smash
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 246 lbs.
  • Fighting Style: Jūdō with Nogan techniques
  • Weapons: Guān dāo
  • Techniques: Electro Pulse, Thunder Twister, Gale Lightning